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View From The Top

The View From The Top is an exclusive seminar and networking series that connects executives and thought-leaders with our MBA and postgraduate students, alumni and high achieving second and final year undergraduate students.The purpose of these events are to foster lifelong learning and to give back to the UniSA Business School Community.

Our View From The Top presenters share leadership and industry insights and advance debate on issues that affect the business world and our society. Our broader community of students, alumni, industry and academic partners can also benefit from these events - each View From The Top seminar is available to view online.

 2019 Seminar Series

     Max Cunningham     

Australia - The Global Home for Mid-Cap Technology IPOs

Max Cunningham - Executive General Manager, Listings and Issuer Services

Time: 6.00pm - 8.00pm
Date: Thursday, 11 April
Location: Atrium, Yungondi Building, UniSA City West Campus

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Australia - The Global Home for Mid-Cap Technology IPOs

Global trends continue to exhibit the rising prominence of the technology sector in which companies are seeking quality funding from a diverse range of investors. ASX listing for tech companies is a legitimate exit strategy providing liquidity for investors, with a lower cost of listing fees compared to other markets such as the USA. A number of ASX listed technology companies have in excess of a AUD$1B market cap such as Computershare, Afterpay, Wisetech global etc, and ASX listed technology companies headquartered in Adelaide include Codan, Ellex, Buddyco, MGM wireless, and Alcidion.

Australia’s continued strength through its exponential growth in superannuation funds (projected to surpass 10 trillion by 2035) consequently has seen the beneficial rise of technology firms raising significant capital on the exchange. ASX’s global strategy has seen diverse and promising companies from countries such as Israel and New Zealand which has served as the catalyst for prominence as a hub for technology firms in the APAC. ASX is one of the leading global exchanges with over 120 new listings each year with 10 billion dollars of IPO capital and 40 billion dollars of follow-on capital raised between 2014 and 2018.

About Max Cunningham

Max Cunningham has been Executive General Manager of Listings and Issuer Services since July 2017.

Max joined ASX in April 2013 and has more than 20 years' experience in capital markets in Australia and overseas. At ASX he has led the Capital Markets franchise to expand internationally, overseen a new Listings framework for New Zealand and grown the number of listings of companies from Australia, NZ, USA, Singapore, Ireland and Israel. Prior to ASX, he had oversight of Goldman Sachs’ ECM Syndicate business in Australia. He has worked for Goldman Sachs in New York and Macquarie Group in London and Sydney. He has also developed equities conferences and investor relations programs for ASX listed companies.