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The world is made up of small businesses and their growth is essential. At the Centre for Business Growth, we are committed to developing the exciting landscape of entrepreneurship and innovation in Australia.

How a company reacts when growth stalls or declines has enormous consequences for both its people and the wider community. With the right approach, you can plan for and nurture sustainable growth—at any time in the life of a business. We can help you do this because we combine our impressive industry expertise with rigorous and current research, leveraging and developing our important relationships with business in all sectors.

Our proven programs, backed by world-class research, have been trialled and tested both nationally and internationally. Ranging from a business check-up through to expertise on how to lead a high performance company, we can deliver practical and relevent advice that you can apply directly to your business.

If you are leading a business with revenue between $5M and $50M and are ready to take charge of your business growth, then we have a program for you. From a business check-up through to expertise on how to lead a high performance company, you can access world-class advice applied directly to your business.

Dr Jana Matthews is UniSA Business School's world leader in business growth, leading an expert team of specialists at our Centre for Business Growth. Our programs are underpinned by industry expertise and rigorous research. We continue to reflect and learn from the successes of our program participants.

It is possible to plan for sustained growth at any time in the life of a business. Contact us to find out how.

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