Dr Preston Teeter Interview with Radio National: "On the Money"

Dr Preston Teeter was interviewed for the Radio National program "On The Money", presented by Richard Aedy on how economic bubbles work.

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Dr John Wilson Discusses the Salary Caps in Sport and Competitive Balance

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Dr Reza Bradrania Discusses the Issues with Bitcoin - Dec 2017


Institute for Choice (I4C) - New Centre Drives Transport Of The Future

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Unique capability finds global water storage solutions
Associate Professor John Pisaniello & Dr Joanne Tingey-Holyoak

A unique capability emerging at UniSA is finding clever solutions, creating new tools and developing modern legal, regulatory and financial frameworks through cutting-edge projects and a multi-disciplinary approach. It is led by Associate Research Professor John Pisaniello, a lawyer and civil engineer, and Dr Joanne Tingey-Holyoak, an accountant and researcher with experience in the sustainable management of agricultural water.

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