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NameResearch interests
Dr Mary Bambacas HRM practices, organisational commitment, job embeddedness
Dr Chia-Yen (Chad) Chiu Teams and leadership
Professor Jackie Coyle-Shapiro

Justice in organisations, psychological contracts, organisational citizenship behaviour, and organisational change

Dr Joanna Crossman Workplace spirituality, international education in business contexts, conflict in organisational contexts
Associate Professor Mel Fugate Organisational change, careers
Justine Irving Ageing, retirement, gender equality
Sue Jarrad Legal decision-making capacity in relation to older persons, community aged care,dementia services development, policy and advocacy
Professor Carol Kulik  Workforce diversity, organisational justice, HRM practices
Dr Danica Liu Mental health, resilience, well-being, gender differences, age/lifespan, and diversity

Professor Cheri Ostroff (Director)

Organisational culture and climate, person-organisation fit, HRM systems, diversity
Dr Sanjee Perera Emotion work, employee diversity, HRM practices in nonconventional work settings
Dr Sukhbir Sandhu Corporate social and environmental sustainability, base of the pyramid business strategies
Dr Shruti Sardeshmukh HR issues in family businesses and start-ups, entrepreneurship, opportunity recognition.
Dr Ruchi Sinha Conflict management, trust repair at the workplace, teams
Dr Natalie Skinner Health and wellbeing in the workplace, work-life interaction, stress and burnout, mindfulness in the workplace
Christina Stothard Organizational culture, research methods, social network analysis
Dr Gerry Treuren Volunteering motivations, employee turnover and retention, job search
Dr Yoshio Yanadori Compensation, strategic HRM, international HRM, and management in East Asia


NameResearch interests
Dr Jane Burdett Workplace learning and development, student learning experiences, diversity, group and team work.
Dr Manjit Monga Management ethics, research ethics, human resource management, cultural diversity management and small business management.
Dr Low Chin Heng Psychological contracts, employee roles and self-concepts, and employee innovation culture.
Professor Barbara Pocock Ageing, retirement, gender equality, decent work, flexibility, working hours
Associate Professor Claudine Soosay  Organizational learning, knowledge management, labour mobility, turnover in supply chains, international HRM, national and regional skills shortages
Professor Ying Zhu International HRM, Asian management styles, the political economy of globalisation


NameResearch interests
Professor Sara Charlesworth, (RMIT) Gender (in)equality, employment regulation, decent work
Dr Erich Fein, (University of Southern Queensland) Research design, leadership development, organizational behavior, culture change
Dr Anthony McDonnell, (Queens University) International human resource management, employment relations, talent management

Professional staff

Carly Austin Centre Coordinator
Jacquie Smith Quality Jobs, Quality Care Project Leader