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Practice-based learning

From your first few weeks as a student you'll undertake law courses where experience-based exercises are integrated into the curriculum.

You'll see what it's like to argue a case and provide legal advice, gaining valuable skills that you can apply in reasoning, reporting, analysis, negotiation, communication and advocacy.

Provide legal advice to real people at the Legal Advice Clinic

The UniSA Legal Advice Clinic provides confidential and free legal advice to members of the community.

As part of your degree, you'll meet with real clients to give free legal advice on matters such as traffic accidents, consumer credit disputes and criminal law.

Gain first-hand experience in interviewing clients and practising your drafting skills, all under the supervision of a dedicated managing solicitor.

This experience provides you with the clinical legal skills and knowledge required for the practice of law.

Find more information on the Legal Advice Clinic.