Work placements are short term opportunities to spend time working in an organisation to enhance your employability skills and to experience business for your future career.

Placements are not restricted to a particular study period. Although courses are listed as being offered in certain study periods, courses BUSS 5396, BUSS 3080, BUSS 3010 and BUSS 3088 may be taken at any time of the year based on availability of the student and the business. Assessment timelines will be negotiated to suit the timing of the placement.


There are a number of courses available for undergraduate students and currently one opportunity for postgraduate students.


BUSS 3080 - Business Practicum - 4.5 units (1 course equivalent)

Available to students in Bachelor of Business* and Bachelor of Commerce* programs this course enables you to undertake a 120 hour (15 day) industry placement within an organisation in your area of interest.  You’ll be able to apply the knowledge you’ve gained throughout your studies to work related tasks and gain valuable experience related to your future career. 

BUSS 3010 - Industry Project - 9.0 units (2 course equivalent)

Offered to students in Bachelor of Business* (except those undertaking Sport & Recreation management) and Bachelor of Commerce* programs, this course gives you a practical understanding of your area of study in a workplace. You’ll undertake an enterprise-focused project of 225 hours (30 days) within an organisation.

BUSS 3088 - Business Internship - 18.0 units (4 course equivalent)

Students undertake a major internship of 300 hours (40 days) in an organisation. It is to be noted that students must have four (4) electives available in their program to enrol in this course.

ENVT 2002 - Sport, Tourism and Event Practicum - 4.5 units (1 course equivalent)

This is a core subject for second year Bachelor of Business* (Sport and Recreation management) students and an elective for students studying the Bachelor of Business* (Tourism and Event management). As part of this course, you will undertake a work placement of a minimum 120 hours. Students participate in an industry forum to meet placement providers and to identify potential projects.

MARK 3014 - Marketing Project - 9.0 units (2 course equivalent)

Second or third year Bachelor of Business* (Marketing) students can undertake a work placement as part of the Marketing Placement course. This will provide you with greater insight into the realities of marketing practice.  This course is only available to a maximum of 20 students per year through a competitive application process. Applications can be submitted through the Marketing Project website.


BUSS 5396 - Professional Experience in Business - 4.5 units (1 course equivalent)

This advanced level course provides students with the opportunity to participate in an industry based capstone experience. It aims to enhance students’ professional competencies and interpersonal skills and their business consulting and applied research skills. The course also promotes individual responsibility for professional development.

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