The Master of Management will equip you with specialist knowledge and skills required to address the myriad of challenges within today’s competitive business environment.

In order to survive, compete and grow as a leader in this dynamic landscape, it is essential that management professionals are equipped with advanced management skills and industry informed knowledge, leading-edge tools and methods, which we deliver within the Master of Management.

The program develops advanced core management skills and knowledge, to inform decision making and achieve business objectives in a broad range of organisational contexts. The program will prepare you to be strong leader, a problem solver and an informed decision maker, at the forefront of any business or organisation.

We offer flexible study options, including the choice to customise the program as a management generalist or to build specialist skills in Human Resource Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, or Tourism and Event Management to suit your individual interests and objectives and options. You can also gain hands-on experience and industry insights through a range of industry specific projects, placements and career mentorship opportunities.

Acquiring a high-level understanding of business leadership, project management, entrepreneurship and strategy, the Master of Management will equip you to advance your management career in a dynamic business context.

Take your management career to the next level.

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Luke Richardson

Master of Management

“When I commenced my studies I was already working full-time in the Defence industry as both an engineer and a manager. I have been able to use my ongoing employment as context for learning and immediately put into practise the theory that I have learnt.

The Master of Management was fundamental in preparing me to pursue future career opportunities. Prior to my studies, I didn't realise how much I was unaware of. I am now prepared to approach my current and future work opportunities with open eyes."